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Creative Arts

Garden Road Creative Arts Opportunities
Garden Road Elementary School is fortunate to have a PTA sponsored art and music facilitated by Catherine Colby, Cindy Cribbins, and Tarina Carter. The students will have an opportunity to participate in a weekly music and art class for a total of 27 weeks. 
During art class, students will be moving through the "Arts Attack" curriculum and at the end of the year will be showcasing one of their works in a final Art Show! This is a favorite for our community, where families can see the different works created by the kids during the year. This would not be possible without our PTA and volunteer support, led by Mrs. Liz Wood! 
Our music program is a favorite for the students, learning rhythm, basic instruments, and performance basics. Families are invited to attend a music class in Spring to get a snapshot of what their children experience throughout the year. This program is funded by our GRES Foundation. 
Additionally, 5th grade students are invited to participate in band once a week with a credentialed music educator. Students can choose between band and string instruments.